Small PP Bags

Small PP bags are widely used to pack materials by grain, milling and sugar industry. A strand made out of dominant yarn makes the bag powerful and easy to handle heavy substances. We are specialized in making customized polypropylene bags as per the need and the requirements of the clients. Flexible and most powerful woven bags can be printed double side to increase the appearance more influencing. We pay attention in the interior as well as exterior portion of bags. We are expertise in putting super attractive designs to add beauty to its strength. Our designs are made in such a way that it cannot get spoiled with dust or water. It can be protected from Ultra Virus rays up to 1600 hours. These bags are used widely in fodder, chemical, fertilizer as well as cement industry. Items such as sand, metal parts, consolidated paraphernalia, cashew nuts, animal feeds, seeds, salts etc can also be secured with no scratch. Length, color and capacity if woven bags can be made as per the client's requirements. Printing and lamination can be customized too. We are specialized in manufacturing such bags which have made us stand first in terms of providing premium quality polypropylene bags.

We have a special team of supervisors who ensure that the bags are fabricated with finest and strongest fiber. Our woven bags are used widely by many multinational companies to secure its most recognized materials.

Small PP Bags Small PP Bags Small PP Bags

Small PP Bags Small PP Bags