Leno Mesh Bags

Leno mesh bags are used specially to store agricultural goods and firewood. We are experienced in producing finest material mesh bags that allows air circulation to happen in most trouble-free way. A scientific methodology is used to produce bag in such a way that it helps the products to remain fresh and unmarked. It provides superior packaging options for the materials to sustain for a longer time and maintain its durability. It is available in various configurations so that it can be used for various products suitably We provide you Leno bags that are highly flexible in using but at the same time it is tuff and hard enough to hold heavy weight. It can easily be transported with no discomforts. As these bags are used for agricultural materials, we make it with zero toxicity. This helps material to stay durable without any harm. The products filled in it are also easily visible through the ventilated fabric. It is highly moisture resistant. The bottom sewing is specially designed with single/double fold and double stitch, including top hemming and drawstring.


  • Highly economical compared to traditional jute bags
  • Ventilation process helps the material to stay durable for a longer time
  • Available in variety of attractive colours combinations
  • Drawstring at the top helps in the handling of the filled bag
  • Customization according to client's requirements possible
  • Bottom stitched and top hemmed with greater stacking strength


The Leno Mesh Bags can be made available with respect to the following specification:
1. Colour:
The bags can be customized with variety of colours by adding quality masterbatches according to the client's requirements. The most frequent colours in production are red, green, yellow, light pink and brown
2. Fabric:
The fabric can be designed as per client's specifications in terms of variety of mesh options, UV stability (200 to 1600 hours), denier of the fabric , laminated or without laminated etc.
3. Finishing/Stitching:
Variety of stitching options are available for top and bottom parts of the bag. The bag can be hemmed/non-hemmed on the top. In the bottom, it can be single folded or double-folded with double stitching. The stitching can be done either by the PP Tape or the PP Yarn. Perfect stitching gives greater strength to the bag for holding capacity.
4. Size:
The bag can be customized in different sizes ranging from 15" to 35" in width, and length as much required
5. Capacity:
The Leno Mesh bags can have the capacity of 10 Kgs to 100 Kgs depending on its customization and the material to be filled in it.
6. Printing:
The bags have variety of options of printing such as flexographic printing of 3-4 colours, BOPP printing in variety of colours etc. The colours used are of best quality and duly tape tested


The Leno Mesh Bags can be used to pack variety of products such as:

  • Firewood logs and Kindling
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Animal Feed
  • Shell Fish
  • Many other varieties of non-durable products

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Leno Bags Leno Bags Leno Bags Leno Bags Leno Bags